Sifu/Guro Brian Corey

Head Instructor of Kung Fu program and Balintawak Escrima program.
Brian has spent over 25 years studying various martial art styles. Since
the age of 12, he has been training in Kung Fu, first in the Changquan (long
fist) style, and for a short time in the Northern Preying Mantis style. In
1992 he began study under Master Kim Crisp, senior student/instructor of
Grandmaster John Stover in the 5 Animal Su Lum Fa system. He was one
of 9 students (as of 2012) awarded a Black Sash in Su Lum Fa from
Grandmaster John Stover in Wilmington, NC. Brian is also a personal
student of Grandmaster Bobby Toboada in Balintawak Escrima, and still
trains with him regularly. Brian is a Fully Qualified Instructor (Guro) in
Balintawak Escrima.

Brian's martial arts resume' also includes:

- A Lakan/Black belt rank in Modern Arnis

- An Instructor rank in Filipino Combat Systems (FCS-Kali)

- A Black belt rank in Hochheim's Pacific Archipelago Combatives, and
expert level instructor status in several Hochheim's Scientific Fighting
Congress courses (hand, stick, knife), as well as a basic instructor in
Gun/Anti-Gun Combatives.

- In addition, Brian holds a bachelor degree in Middle grades Science and
Language Arts education, as well as an additional degree in Parks &
Recreation Management.