What can martial arts at CFMA do for my child?

From day one, you will see that we are all about developing confidence, self-esteem, self discipline, and of course... self defense.

We hope that your child will never need to use their training in self defense, but if they do, they'll be equipped with the right mindset and techniques to protect themselves.  But the benefits of training with us can be so much more enriching to your child's life:

  • Bully Busting Confidence - did you know most bullying that occurs is NOT physical in nature?  How do you practice self defense against words, exclusion, and rejection?  Confidence and Self Esteem are the key, and the very nature of martial arts training, combined with our leadership development builds the character needed to deal with these peer issues.  We have witnessed quiet, withdrawn kids take charge of an entire class of their peers, and command them with a confident presence that shocked their own parents!

  • Perseverancewe are not a "belt mill" school.  Students have to work for, and earn, each rank advancement.  To give them too easily would cheapen the value of your child's efforts.  At our school, we help students develop work ethics, follow through to meet goals, and the sense of accomplishment that can only be felt by working for something, overcoming obstacles along the way, and then achieving the goal.

  • Increased Fitness - To be blunt, there is an obesity epidemic going on in America right now.  Your child's time is being competed for by TV, video games, and other sedentary activities.  As such, we have seen increased numbers of childhood diabetes, and even heart disease, in our youth.  Getting your child involved in an ongoing exercise program or activity (like martial arts) can set habits and lifestyle choices that can stay with them their entire lives.  At CFMA, we teach the importance of exercise, balanced nutrition, and moderation in all things.  

Who are we?

Corey Family Martial Arts was established by Brian & Christine Corey in order to provide the community of Indian Trail with a higher level of student care and martial arts training.  Sifu Brian is a trained educator, holding a degree in grades 5-9 education, as well as holding an additional degree in Recreation management.  Bringing his talent and passion for teaching in public school classrooms to his own studio, classes at CFMA are designed to increase confidence and self esteem, build respect, and develop a work ethic to help students in today's challenging world.  Sifu Corey gets to know each of his students personally, and has the highest interest in helping them reach their goals and develop their talents.  We've been providing the area's best level of care in our after school programs and quality martial arts classes since 2010.  

Corey Family Martial Arts

1001 Van Buren Ave.

Suite G

Indian Trail, NC  28079