So, you're thinking about martial arts class for you child, but unsure of where to start or what to look for?  Everyone knows that martial arts teaches discipline and respect, but there are many other benefits of training with us!  As your child progresses through our program, they will also learn and reinforce important life skills like:


One of the most valuable gifts you can pass to your child is the confidence to stand up for themselves, to approach new situations and challenges despite fear, and to advocate for their needs and wants.   Kung Fu builds confidence through mastery of curriculum, and positive encouragement.  Confident children are successful children!


We all know we can "force" our kids to do the right thing as long as we are by their side, but what about when we can't be there?  Will they make good decisions, the right decisions?  Will they show compassion instead of indifference and apathy?  Through our mat chats and instruction, we help students discover what it means to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


Be amazed as your child strives towards their martial art goals and shows laser-like focus and attention to detail to their martial movements.   Practice becomes habit, and habit becomes life - this is an area that easily spills over into other areas of life; home, school, sports, etc!

I love this guy and his approach to mentoring children...

 - J. Bates

 I highly recommend this studio for all ages. Nick has progressed to the intermediate/advanced stage on his own with little direction from his parents. I attribute his martial arts dicipline in contributing to his success in school. Thank you Sifu Brian!

- S. Spector

My whole family LOVES Sifu Brian! He is wonderful with the kids.

- S. Salyers


As parents, we want to keep our child from harm, but the reality is, at some point in their lives they will be put into a conflict or intimidating situation.  Do you want them to have the tools to come out on top? We teach both verbal conflict resolution and deescalation, as well as physical defensive techniques, and most importantly - THE INSTRUCTION ON WHEN AND HOW TO USE EACH!