for Ages 8+



Reason #1

Group sport feel, individual track

Our group classes have the feel of doing a group activity, with group drills and games, but with an emphasis on individual development - everyone moves at their own pace and level.  No one gets "left behind" 

Reason #2

Great Fitness Benefits...but your child doesn't realize it! 

Children are so busy having fun and thinking they are just doing awesome ninja-like moves, they don't realize that their fitness level is dramatically increasing.  Parkour improves stamina, flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular health!  (But we won't tell them that! LOL) Martial Arts works on the same, but with the focus on self defense and conflict resolution.

Reason #3

Important Life Lessons

Parkour by its very nature, is all about overcoming challenges and obstacles - we learn to run, jump, roll over them!  Learning Parkour helps build the oh-so-important life lesson of perseverance.  But again...they often don't realize this transformation is happening.  Too busy looking cool, mom.  ;-)  Martial arts works on the same attributes, but with an added emphasis on respect, self discipline, and confidence.

Reason #4

Emphasis on SAFE movement and practice

Kids love doing Parkour.  They are going to want to do these moves, whether they take classes or not.  Whether they know what they are doing or not.  Whether they can evaluate the risk or not.  

We teach them how to do the movements correctly, on padded equipment, in a controlled environment.  We discuss risk evaluation of obstacles and emphasize SAFETY FIRST, then FUN.    In Martial Arts practice, we also emphasize safety - contact is added in a gradual, age appropriate and experience level appropriate manner.  

LEGEND is a Hybrid Curriculum.  It combines the best elements of both Martial Arts and Parkour, so that your child
  • ​learns the self discipline and perseverance from martial arts training
  • develops an elite level of athletic performance that transfers to other sports
  • agility and flexbility training that is best developed through Parkour
  • learns solid self defense skills that can be performed under pressure
  • becomes an overall better athlete and more confident version of themselves!
  • has a better way to exercise that hides repetition and stamina in fun activities and challenges!