So, you're thinking about martial arts class for your young child, but unsure of where to start or what to look for?  

First, start with a program that teaches this age group in an appropriate way for their stage of development!   

Our Young Dragons program was designed by a child development expert and taught at Corey Family Martial Arts by Sifu Brian Corey, former school teacher and recognized/awarded educator!

So, who is the Young Dragons program for?  
Children ages 4-6 can participate in the Young Dragons program.  Every new student receives a private lesson to evaluate their readiness for the class, as well as to develop trust with the instructor!
What does the Young Dragons program focus on?  
The goals of the program are to increase the skills of focus, teamwork, control, memory, balance, discipline, fitness, and coordination through fundamental martial arts instruction.

I love this guy and his approach to mentoring children...

 - J. Bates

 I highly recommend this studio for all ages. Nick has progressed to the intermediate/advanced stage on his own with little direction from his parents. I attribute his martial arts dicipline in contributing to his success in school. Thank you Sifu Brian!

- S. Spector

My whole family LOVES Sifu Brian! He is wonderful with the kids.

- S. Salyers

What Young Dragons is...
  • a class that is fun while building basic skills
  • just the right length of class time to teach but leaving them wanting more
  • designed for them to see success and build confidence quickly 
What Young Dragons is NOT...
  • a self defense class - 4-6 year olds do not need physical defense skills yet
  • an "old school" karate class
  • a competition oriented program